Leadership Workshop-West Valley High School

Featuring Gabe Salazar and Dr. Doug Luffborough

Gabe Salazar Video:

Gabe Salazar talks to middle and high school students about making good choices and attaining their dreams. One way they can do that is by staying away from drugs and alcohol. Gabe uses stories from his own life to connect with teens and communicate the importance of setting high personal goals for success.

Dr. Doug Luffborough Video:

Doug Luffborough has gone from homelessness to the White House and now holds a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University. Known throughout the nation as a powerful Keynote Speaker, some of Doug’s greatest moments include performing or speaking before Sugar Ray Leonard, Rosa Parks, Former President Bill Clinton, Pastor Wintley Phipps, Dr. Maya Angelou, and Dr. Robert Schuller’s “Hour of Power” television broadcast just to mention a few…

Jostens Leadership Workshop

West Valley High School

Wednesday, February 12th

Conference Starts: 8:15 am

Conference Ends:    12:30 pm

Cost: $15.00 per Person

Have your PO made to the following:

Morgan Unlimited, INC

DBA: Jostens

PO Box 759

Selah, WA  98942

Late Registration: After January 30th–$25.00

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